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Moving on and good to go.

Dear everyone,

Thanks for everything, it was agood run while it was going no matter what.
Many folks got a chance to get a start through us and with me.
May adventures and good times were expereinced all over the world with us.
We met and made som many friends/fans through it all.
It was time to let it go and move on in our lives.
Many thanks for the love and suppoirt you all showed it while it was here in the Anime/Manga World.
I'll post here where you can get the last vestiges of Ironcat when the new website is set up.
Meanwhile I and many other are moving on to new projects and will see you all no matter what in the future somewhere sometime.
I salute and chereish you all.
God bless and keep you all always.
Sincerely yours,
Steve Bennett
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