Shrine Master (shrinemaster) wrote in ironcatstudios,
Shrine Master

Convention Reminder

This is just a reminder of Studio Ironcat's Fall Tour schedule with the upcoming back to back to back tour of the following conventions:

Anime Reactor
October 22-24, 2004 (Rosemont, Illinois, USA)

Anime USA
October 29-31, 2004 (Tysons Corner, Virginia, USA)

November 5-4, 2004 (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)

Swing by our table in the dealers room and show your love & support.

Our resident art-whore Steve Bennett will also be doing commission work, swing by the table to get some art for yourself or just to see what folks have challenged him with. (FYI, please bring reference materials if you want specific characters, this ensures that what you get looks like what you wanted)
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