EmuKo (emuko) wrote in ironcatstudios,

From an email I just received from Steve...

Hey Guys and Girls!
Families, Friends of Ironcat!!

Steve Bennett here with an invitation for all for a good time this weekend!
My brother in-law (Nikki [Steve's wife]'s lil' bro!) Pete Chiappinelli will be playing with his most awesome Rock Band at the Cafe New Orleans club,in our very own town of Fredericksburg [VA] this up coming Saturday night!
The Band "Highway Ten" will be jamming at 9:00 pm and everyone is welcome to come up and support him and have a good time with us all!
Their styling is highly original with some( My opinion) of Lenny Cravitz, Hard Rythm & Blues, 70's -2000 Good time Rock and Roll!
And it is not just that he is relatedo my most awesome babe either that I am so jazzed about this band although music does run through the Chiappinelli genes lol!!
You can check out the band futher on line at www.highwayten.com and be assured that what I say is true!
Afterwards the night will still be young so let's have fun and eat together as well or something man!
Yours sincerely,
Steve Bennett
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